Thursday, November 17, 2005

CARWASH...This evening I was at my grandpa's, washing my filthy bird shit covered car!! While I was washing, my grandpa came back from his daily jog and offered me a hand...Knowing me, I can be quite good at giving my car a good bath, but whatever that can be done in 1/2 an hour, if I were to do it alone, it'll take me one whole hour to finish. I must admit I have a great grandpa who's a very handy man around our household!! Whatever problems, anything broken, something torn, just give my grandpa a call and it'll be done as new for you!! This evening while we were washing my car, I realised another something of my grandpa...he's not only great handy man but he's also very friendly around the neighbourhood!! =) While busy scrubbing bird shit off every corner of my car, this makcik who was walking pass greeted us, I smiled at her and my garndpa exchanged greetings with her...after she walked quite a distance, my grandpa begin to explain, where she works and was telling me she's a cleaner in some shopping mall around KL and that she lives in the kampung and need to walk quite a distance home everyday. SHortly after this makcik walked off our sight, another uncle came strolling by, and after the usual excahnging of greetings, my grandpa begin to unfold his background to me telling me he's a retired doctor and his daughter is also a doctor in some hospital and telling me exactly which house he lives in. Oh, well...what can I say about my grandpa?? Since young, he's been very helpful and to me a very kind man...I wish we youngsters can learn to be as friendly, without being so judgemental towards people we meet just like my grandpa, then this world would definitely be a better place to live in!! ;)

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