Monday, June 12, 2006

Wondered where have I been?? (I'm out of the closet now...!) Anyway, last few weeks have a quite a roller coaster ride at work...Things have been happening at a pace which seems rather hard to keep up with...All in all, my workplace has been pretty dramatic and we were at a stage where we just had to be ready for whatever that's coming...One day, I get news of promotion, next day the company is shrinking, following day, company is buying another entity, and so on and so forth...Everytime I was called for a meeting, it would only make me cringe...not knowing what was going to happen. Anyway...I've decided what to do...not exactly an easy decision as I've been working with very very nice employers and colleagues...nevertheless, the most sensible thing to do at this stage, I guess is to leave and to move on...Sad, but life has to go on...The employers were so nice that upon receiving news that we're leaving, they actually contacted a recruitment officer to come and have a chat with us tomorrow, just to hopefully help us get our desired jobs as soon as possible. According to the GM, it's the least they can do as a token of me, it's really a bonus! *sigh* My first employers and they are really setting the standard too high for my next...*sigh* But anyway, I'm not discouraged, I see it as at least I've had a go with these nice people! =)

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