Thursday, October 26, 2006

Long Story Short

Oh, so much happened over the last month. My life is somewhat proving itself to be more "lifely", kickin' and exciting! *Big smile*

After a brief Melbourne-get-away in August over the EKKA holidays, I have had in mind to "migrate" to that city which (in my opinion) has more character than the one I'm currently in. Melbourne was what I had in mind and I thought the timing was perfect for a change. Anyway, having said that, I'm still in Brisbane at the cut the long story short, I was offered a position at a college for international students. Doesn't take a genius to figure, I accepted the offer since I've been looking at going into the that line here anyway. And so to make up to my mind for deceiving it that I was going to move to Melbourne, I moved to live in the inner city of Brisbane instead. I would like to think that as a trade off. Well at least I'm now 10 minutes walk away from the city and 5 minutes walk away from work! What a pleasure! Life's sweet! =)

Three weeks into working, my boss threw me into deep sea as she announced that she'll be away for a 3 week holiday! Great! First week was as crazy as it can get. Second week seemed better...Third week...smooth as...!

20th October 2006 marks a special day in my family's calender. Warm welcome to my new little baby cousin sister, Kai En. The name was not decided upon her arrival, but as you could have guessed, her big cousin sister was too eager to welcome her arrival. Sent some flowers home with a little soft toy for new baby girl and grandpa told the delivery man, "Sorry, here no have Kai Ern!" Good one, Grandpa! Justin to the rescue, reminded my grandpa that it was for the new bundle of joy! =) And so the flowers were delivered safely to its destination.

Today, 26th October 2006 marks another special day in my family's calender. Warm welcome to another new baby second cousin sister! How cool is this! A baby boom happening! Welcoming new arrivals every week?? I'm totally impressed by the timing! Congratulations to KFC and Karen for the arrival of Little Missy Lee and congratulations to Munhon korkor and wifey for the arrival of Little Missy Wong!

One month from today, Jhane will turn 23, 3 weeks from today, I turn 23, add 2 more day Karwye turns 23! I'm loving the month of November! Start saving those loose change ready for big pressies! And most of all, see you in KL in 2 months and 3 weeks time!

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