Saturday, October 28, 2006


Notice the SKIRT (not the rose), is a new addition to my casual wardrobe. This week I've got 2 skirts, a pair of blush pink 3/4 jeans and a black summer top in my shopping bag. *Note to self: No more shopping this week, please!* The skirt, I got this skirt from the CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT! I liked it the moment I set my eyes on it, didn't really care if I were shopping in the little ones' department, I had to put it on. Having picked up a skirt from the kiddos department, you'd probably think I'd need the largest size they've got there?? Well, you're wrong! =) Somehow this makes my tail wag a little knowing that I can actually fit into a size 12 for children. Now, I wonder...are Aussie kids just big or am I small?? I definitely won't be considered small, considering my love for food and the size of my frame. So kids, you better watch those sugar intake and fatty fries you put into your mouth!

That's all for my moment of glory for fitting into a kids size 12.

I've not been very well since last night. My throat is killing me and I naturally I feel a bit sick. My body's aching and my throat is totally sore. I'm pretty sure we're got some sort of virus trapped in the walls of this place. Not being a 100% today, we decided to come home for a rest after being out for lunch and my little shopping trip. Came home, turned on my lappie and dived into Friendster. I tell you, I'm sure I'm such a Friendster b!tch. But admittedly, why wouldn;t I?? It's been pretty informative. It announces to you, or rather my friends freely advertise their personal life on Friendster, either way I thank the person who created it! Anyway, it's a good place to keep yourself updated with friends getting married, got married, having a baby, making babies, advertising their skills in capturing a self-portrait of themselves, changing partners, etc. While on Friendster, I had this sudden feeling that I miss everyone at home. Like literally everyone. I miss my family (thank God I'm going home in 2 1/2 months time), classmates, school mates, friends, acquaintances etc. Then I got into chatting with Lin Lin and Bee Voon (two very dear friends from school days) and reality just hits reminding me that things will never ever be the same ever again! And Bee Voon mentioned we should really organise a reunion thingy but how much would a reunion help when all our mates from school have been scattered everywhere around the world? Oh well, I guess the moral of the story is that we should really make an effort to keep in touch with people around us. In the end of the day, it's always better to have some treasured memories than to have no memories at all.

Dia jauh di seberang
Kasih tak mungkin kekal
Yang jauh asyik teringat
Yang dekat tak terpikat
Tak kenal maka tak cinta

That is just one of the many parts of a malay song which I can never forget because it's so meaningful and so true...

It translates...

She who is far away
Love can never last
Those who are far away are always remembered
Those close to us always neglected
Not very close therefore not loved

Now it probably wouldn't be as meaningful to you as it is to me. I heard this song on my way to the airport during the very first time I left KL for Australia to study. I remembered how my little cousin (not very little anymore after 4 years), was so angry after he learnt the fact that I was going to leave KL for another country to study. He was just hugging his teddy I got him for Christmas and refuse to even look at me the whole entire day (even at the airport). We just balled out eyes out on the way to the airport in the car and my great friends Jhane, BeeVoon and Alison were at the airport to send me off. Goodness, my heart ached so badly when I had to leave my family and friends behind the terminal gate! From then on I really hate goodbyes because I can never handle them without tears!

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