Saturday, November 11, 2006


The so-not-worth-it shot with what I'd call a stupid city cow has left a deep deep scar on Miss Ixus 55. *Let's all pout our lips in memory of the flawless cammy which I have kept so well for the last six months* I HATE THAT COW! I'm gonna kill it and have it cooked well done! Except that it's not REAL living cow. Darn it! My heart felt like (and it's still feeling) it's just been stabbed and ripped apart the moment I saw it slip off my hands and landed on the rough surface ground. Not angry at anything else but that COW! If only that stupid cow did not attract so much attention! Not that it is any green or blue looking cow. It's just an ordinary lifeless ol plain jane black and white cow! Like any other cows! **Frustration beyond explanation!** I just wanna KILL that freaking cow! Enough said, I officially hate cows from this moment on!

I know myself too well that I'd probably end up laughing at myself one month later when I read this post for being so emotional over a non-living thing. But this is not just any ordinary thing! This is one of those things I have which I truly love and treasure. Besides, I have a reputation for having my things well kept. This is just a disgrace! STUPID COW! Slaughter it! Hmmm...maybe this is more than just an's a CURSE! Yes, I really think this could be it...a CURSE! The last Ixus I had slipped off my hand as well! Oh no! This is more serious than a COW story. This is a curse!

Off to find a potion to end this heart wrenching curse!

BTW, just FYI, my heart is still aching...

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