Thursday, March 27, 2008

Body Piercing?

Mom: Dad's going to Brisbane next week.
Mich: Yay! I get to have dad for a week!
Mom: Ya, please don't fight...
Mich: Don't worry, we will not! 

Mich: Dad, can I please get my belly pierced?
Dad: Better not...
Mich: Give me 3 good reasons.
Dad: Let me have a think about it first. 
Mich: Okay, now tell me why?
Dad: 1) Because you are normal - normal people don't do abnormal things 
Mich: But I want to be an individual!
Dad: 2) You don't want to deform yourself intentionally
Mich: But piercing is not deforming oneself, it can heal back if you decide to take it off. 
Dad: 3) Why would you want to inflict pain on yourself?
Mich: It's not going to be painful! Even if it does hurt, I would be the one bearing the pain!
Dad: Better not la...Your mom won't be very happy about it.
Mich: Ish (and pouts and sulks!)!

Dad's usually my partner in crime, but guess he's not big on body piercing. I would understand why he would object to a tattoo, but piercing?!?!?!?! I nearly managed to convince him when we walked by a jewellery shop selling belly rings. I nearly succeeded but in the end went home without a piercing yet again! ISH!

Anyway, dad's going home in 2 days...maybe I can get my belly pierced next week? *evil grin* Hahahhahaha!!

We haven't had any fights so far (sorry to disappoint you mom, hahahahah!!), just ongoing debate on belly piercing which heats up once in a while within the week. 

*I wonder why would a 24 year old seek permission from her parents to get her belly pierced? Pretty strange, but that's just me, welcome to my world!* ^_^


farah said...

eh, why does a 24year old even want to get a belly piercing!! that's only for 14year olds laaaaa hahahaha

but your dad is so cool la, can even talk to you about all this and give you reasons nicely summore. oh well, he did agree to let you buy a 600dollarkiddybackpack *can't get over it* :P

jamez said...

I think i dropped by the wrong page at the wrong time.

ChelleZ~* said...

Body piercing is not for 14 year olds la. It's for anyone who fancies living out of the box!! Not like belly piercing is anything out of the ordinary these days.

Ya, my dad's a cool cucumber!! =) He's in for discussions of any "to buy, or not to buy a 600dollarkiddybackpack", hahahhahah!!

And Jamez, it's only belly piercing!!