Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small taste of bitter-sweet feelings

I sometimes get angry at the smallest, and most insignificant events...I wonder why? I would like to be so much enlightened that I become so calm, so much so that nothing aggitates or irritates me, yet I find it a challenge. I dislike being bossed around, I dislike who thinks a world of themselves, I dislike people who make use of other people, I dislike people who are too dependent on others, I dislike ignorent freaks, and the list goes on...I am confident I will have the strength to see pass all these to achieve enlightenment one day, maybe not some day soon...but maybe in the next 30 years??

I have been doing quite a lot of catching up lately - which I pretty much enjoy! The thing I like about catching up is that, it feels quite surreal, as though nothing changed...different places, same people...Met up with some old school friends, and even an ex colleague from the first company I worked at in Brisbane. Sweet. At the very least despite my busy schedule, I am doing one of the many things I set out to do as I decided to relocate home. Small taste of sweetness like this, gets me going. Thanks for taking the effort and time to meet up y'all...means a lot to me! =)

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