Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Miss Intimidating

Of late I have been very irritated by childish behaviour displayed by one of the many people I know. She is one who thinks the world of herself, clearly egocentric to the core, and neither has she got shame nor guilt for her filthy behaviour. She is one who would like to come across as the no-nonsense person attempting to present herself to be as professional as she can be, but at the same time having next to zero of any interpersonal relationship skills. I'm clearly unsure if she is just putting on a mask to reflect her superiority or if she really thinks of herself as a super goddess!

Anyway, she would not even be worth a mention for all the nonsense she's done to try to inflict pain onto those around her. I have no idea if she did them intentionally or not. I don't know, and quite honestly don't care. I have lost all respect for her as a person when I learnt how nasty she can get. I would rather stay off her radar!

Now if you have a problem with someone, clearly wanting to present yourself as someone so professional, you would do the appropriate by addressing the problem and not the person right? I have no idea what game is this person attempting to play. But get this, I have been nice enough to entertain your nastiness all these while. Despite all the shit you have done, to date I still reponded to your jokes, your comments, your responses...because I understand respect and am capable of resisting being a childish being like you. Right from this second, I am giving your no priviledge. You will be invisible in my eyes, and I will not give a damn what you do. For you will not initimidate me because you are powerless to me! Powerless in my eyes! So long, and farewell!


Robert Megert said...

Hope your lack of posting since this post has nothing to do with said person.

Good luck.

It's always good to vent these things out.

ChelleZ~* said...

Hey Rob, thanks for the support! =)