Wednesday, February 08, 2006

DICEY & DARCEY...Some say dice, some say strawberries...I say Dicey and Darcey! Dicey is the choker and Darcey is the bracelet. Bold and fun combination. Wear them with a racer back/spaghetti/tube top or a simple black flare tube dress and they scream fun attention! I'd wear these two pieces to really fun places like fun fair or a happy weekend, shopping trip...but reality is that, I've specially made these two to wear to work. For those who don't already know, I'm currently filling up a casual position as a wait staff at a cafe in New Farm. Colours of the cafe are red, black and white and we as wait staff are allowed to wear a red, black or white top with black pants to work...I'd definitely not wear white, considering the chances of getting it stained...and red's not exactly my kinda colour. So, I wear black to work almost everytime (except for CNY - I wore red...yes, I'm conservative!)...Needless to say, I need some accessories to go with it as black on black isn't exactly very exciting for a person who enjoys colours like myself. Well, occasionally I do wear Toffee Apple to work...but I thought since I'd be working more days, I shouldn't bore the customers (or myself) with my same boring "uniform" everyday.

I've been working at the cafe for almost 4 weeks now...we meet different people everyday, some nice, some nasty, some polite, some rude, some smile, some sulk...but I guess it's just human that everyone is different and that everyone has different things to offer. But just a note though, treat wait staff the way you wanna be treated because these poor wait staff could turn out to be one of your friends' friends, your siblings, siblings' friends, neighbours or could even be yourself one day! We stand from the beginning of our shifts to the end with just a 15 minutes break in between 6 or 8 hours. When not standing, we're probably running on the way to catch the bell in the kitchen or behind bar cleaning or walking to serve the next customer or bending down picking up rubbish, walking around checking if everyone's ok, and the list goes on. So, it doesn't really help if you are impatient or just a spolit little brat who demands all attention for no particular reason. Treat these wait staff with a little kindness as they really do work their bums off for the cash (and not forgetting working under pressure with 5 pairs of eyes from the management following you around the cafe to make sure you do it right!) and really, not that these people are born to know how to carry couple of heavy, hot plates/drinks to serve at once. So if they accidently spill something or break something, don't stare like it's out of the world. No one's natural with tasks that they've not done before...everyone's got their first times...give that poor little girl a chance!

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