Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Stress or Mine?

In the midst of having constant deadlines to meet such as assignments to turn in, reports to write, proposals to submit, presentations to prepare, boring textbooks to read, I scare myself to think that the time I spend procrastinating, doing work-unrelated activities way overpower the time I should indeed be spending on perfecting my work.

Hence, that makes me wonder if I am truly stressed out due to excessive work load or did I create unnecessary stress by playing too much when in fact I should really be channeling all my energy to doing work? I can only imagine how productive I can be if only I harvest all my efforts into work alone. Sometimes, I am pretty sure I can juggle both play and work equally and still be stress-free because when I sit down and lay all my work out, I see that I really do have time to do both! But I also noticed a great flood of pressure pour all over me and I start to feel an overwhelming pressure of stress when I see my peers drowning in stress.

So, is this stress business genuienely mine or is this here due to peer pressure to compete or peer pressure to be seen as being normal? Reason why I say that is because, most of my classmates are contsantly in bad shape, often sharing how stressed they are. Am I dramatizing my stress level so that I feel part of the group? Did my stress resonate from the group? Or purely from work? Or from not actually feeling stressed? I am definitely not saying that I can handle stressful situations any better than my peers, the fact that I'm feeling the stress at the moment says a lot about my ability to manage stress. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes I catch myself plastering a stressed face simply because. So is it simply because I am expected to feel stressed or am I stressed over the fact that I am not stressed enough?


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