Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shit Happens

And when shit happens, it strikes real hard!

I feel like banging my head against the brick wall!

Frustration is when I feel like clenching and grinding my teeth till no enamel left to do no nothing!

I want to rip every strand of my hair on my head!

Anger is when I clench my fist so tight that my nails pierce through the skin on my palm!

I hope to throw a cow-dunk pie right into your face!

Annoyance is when plans are wrecked and working out of my control!

Then again, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness are the fruit of life!

p/s: REAL frustration, anger and annoyance is when I can't even hold a conversation with you without ending in a flippin argument! Don't people converse and communicate anymore? What in the world happened to conversations? Damn technology for programing bloody robots into human beings! This world doesn't need opinionated buggers lingering about!

**ARghhhhhhh!!! And she's gone back to sticking her head in the brick wall, plucking strands of her hair off her head and feeding more bananas to bloody cows so that she gets a BIGGER and SOFTER cow-dunk pie!!**

Flip this Flippin Floppy Flap!! And Michelle is REALLY angry!!


jamez said...

I feel your pain and frustration. I only hope you get a better tomorrow.
If I could, I would suck the entire negative points of energy from you and encapsulate it into a ball, then throw it at...err... somewhere!

Okay i'm talking nonsense, but i hope it at least make you smile. Man,I'm getting bad at this. Cheer uppers.


farah said...

you have a very funny way of expressing your anger.. it's like your blog is rated U (or G) i'd just be full of swear words O_O

whatever it is, as long as you come back to KL okie? later also nevermind.. i will wait for youuuuuu :)

ChelleZ~* said...

Thanks guys... =)