Friday, February 12, 2010

North, South, East or West?

Have you ever felt like a little mouse chasing after a piece of cheese dangling in front of you? That's a bit of what I'm feeling now. In fact, there is not only a single block of cheese in front of me, there are multiple. All equally nice tasting, and all equally as high quality. What do you do when situation is calling for you to choose one of of the many? Although being given the hint that they all taste equally as good and maintain an equal high standard, how would you go about picking the best piece for you? Most importantly, how do you know what you have picked will serve as the best for you?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is really just to listen to your heart. But what do you do when your heart is not saying anything to you? It's all a matter of timing, really? Does that mean I keep sitting on it and eventually something might happen? I would like to think that I want it hard enough and therefore sacrifices are worth the while. But the thing now is that whichever way I choose, I seem to be sacrificing something anyway. is complicated? I want to live a simple life! Or Simpler! :p

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