Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Winter!

The coldness is making me feel really lazy and unmotivated. I just want to stay home and hibernate and not move an inch. But it's quite impossible...with tonnes of work and merely 9 more weeks to the end of the race, suddenly I wish I could stop working, let my hair down, put my legs up, and just enjoy the music! Reality is that crunch time is here. When I'm most in need of time,  my days become short, with mostly couldy weather. The air is chilly and wrapping myself up in heavy thick winter clothings is by now the most burdensome effort ever. This depicts the current season of my life...I am in winter.

Being in winter is not fun, with most activities being indoors to keep warm, is beginning to get quite annoying. The burden of my work is like the heaviest weight on my shoulders that I can feel it piercing through my bones. Yet, there is no physical weight on them. I know it's so close, but I can't seem to find the motivation to finish gracefully. This is a challenge. I know it is. I have been told once before that I always run away from discomfort. I do. But right now, right here, suddenly the trick I always pull does not seem to work anymore. Running away will get me no where. I either bite the bullet and dash through or I quit and waste all my past efforts.

Though feeling quite low, I am excited that spring is ahead of me! I can't wait to see flowers blossom and bloom in their own beautiful ways. I know I will get there once this winter is over. Like the four seasons in a year, each season will conclude to make way for a new one to come. That is a promise that will not lie.

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