Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm back with more beadie beads after approximately a week of not having made anything!! It feels good to "reconnect" with the beads again!! =) Thanks to my dearest Geon who saw the urgant need in me to go to the bead shop!! I was craving for more beads that I was almost lifeless from the lack of contact with them...I've been really busy with work and studies lately as exams are just around the corner...Geon was such a darling this arvo, he brought me to the bead shop despite his rush for time to complete his assignment, took time out to bring me to the beadie bead shop to grab more beads (to feed my addiction...*yeah*)!! Was only allowed 30 minutes there, so I just grabbed whatever that was "convenient" to the eyes!! FROSTY BLUE...was put together this evening!! A double layered chain with six pieces of blue oval Millefiori glass beads hanging on the shorter strand of silver chain making a mini up-side-down pyramid while six glass frost white beads hanging on the longer chain. The white beads were used to make this piece look more elaborated. A very cool-looking piece!! Ahhhhhh...*addiction fed*!! Posted by Hello

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