Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tantrum in the House!

I sometimes feel that I have not outgrown temper tantrums at home. I am quite reactive and stubborn most particularly at home, and often my parents don't really know how to respond to me. Temper tantrum is a way children act out their frustrations and anger, which sounds a lot like what I do. Problem is that I'm not a child anymore, then why am I still chucking tantrums at home?

Oh well, sometimes it gets a bit on my nerve when the typical Asian parenting focuses on whatever that is not done, whatever that is not good enough and whatever that could be better. No reinforcements for any good deeds done. One would have thought after more than 26 years, I would have gotten used to it? But no! Is this an indication that I should be kicked out to live on my own?

I say this now, but I know when the day finally comes that I do move, I will never ever get used to it because at home, my mom packs my breakfast, does my laundry, irons my clothes, cleans my room, picks up after me, etc, etc, etc. My dad on the other hand buys my favourite breakkie on weekends, chauffeur me everywhere on weekends, buys me nice clothes all the time and does everything a loving father would to protect his baby daughter.

Well, the thing is we love each other and know how much we mean to one another. What we've gotta realise is that our family grows up just like how a child does too. I know it's a disgusting fact my parents dread to acknowledge, but fact is that we've got to respect each other as how grown ups do! This day may never ever come that my parents have such revelation. I guess it's for me to work on my own temper and to come up with my clever little way to act my age so that they (hopefully) get it too.

Come to think of it, 26 and still living under my parents' roof, whoops...kinda embarrassing, but oh well! I'm uniquely Asian, hahahhaha!

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