Friday, October 07, 2005

iPod NANO...Black or white?? The black model looks really sleek and elegant while the white has a clean and futuristic look, in a way maintaining its originality. *Dilemma* Somehow I think the black appeals more to me than the white...But review has it that the black model scratches more easily than the white...!! Arghhhhhhh!! Why must they give us choices to choose from?? Although it's just from 2 different colours, it's enough to kill quite a few cells in the brain, I reckon!! So, black or white?? I have a feeling I'd go with black in the end...coz it goes really well with the black stylish PSP!! Btw, PSP ROCKS!! Now I know why my cousins were so glued to it when they were here...Even the giant 21 yr old kid can't get her hands off it!! *sly smile*

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