Sunday, October 09, 2005

SUNDAY...Went for spiritual breakfast this morning (Thanks Mil, for the ride...I totally love your very retro-looking Beeeemer...your 1/2 convertible Beeeemer...she's gorgeous!!), then off to lunch at Mayfair with Mil, Boon (who is finally back from his rural attachment...I was just thinking about him yesterday, and he turned up today...woah...deja vu?!?!?), Sarah (Mil's American friend, who puts me to shame with her fluent spoken and written Chinese!!) and John. After which we dropped by JB hi-fi and then to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre coz Mil needs to pick up a few pair of shorts since spring/summer is here and he's soaking in his jeans...Well he didn't just get his shorts, he was contemplating on a pair of slippers...and in the end?? Mil couldn't resists the pair of Aqua Havaianas and he went straight to the counter and paid for it after seeing John with a pair of new white Havaianas, muahhahahahhaha!! And me?? I was at my best behaviour today!! Not a single cent spent at City Beach (although I was thinking of a pair of bikini...but in the end...nope!!), *woohoo!!* Seems like the self-control thing is really working in me today!!

The second half of my day was spent enjoying my 50 cents soft served cone from Maccas in Alvin's car, a good 2 1/2 hours nap (which I've been longing for agessssssss), a cold cut orange to wake me up, a good chat with my parents online, a quick chat with Geri (btw Geri, you have to stay strong...don't let whatever you're going through affect you too much...well although it's hard not should be lived in abundance and you've been greatly blessed...continue to rise and be the best you can be, k...I'm here if you need a listening ear!!), tidying up my selection criteria that's due tomorrow and finally, blogarism in progress!!

My thoughts: Wouldn't it be nice to put on my graduation gown (once again) and have a few pictures taken along College Road, surrounded by blooming purple Jacaranda trees?? Afterall those trees will be fondly remembered by all UQ students as an alert warning that final exams are just around the corner!! ;p

Current state of mind: I want that job!! Give it to me!!

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