Sunday, October 02, 2005

SHOPPING...Let's see what we've got fresh out of the shopping bag this weekend!! *Drumroll* We've got...a pair of black skinny jeans (yay!!...finally!!), a golden plaited belt and a black 'Emily The Strange' zip up cardigan. Shopping this afternoon was merely out of boredom and stress...Despite being quite broke, I know I should have just gone home after church instead of roaming round the city and pretty quite sure I'd end up spending.

Why bored?? Because it's the weekend, and there's nothing much to do other than thinking of how my weekend will just end in just a few hours and that tomorrow will be back to torturous past time at the food court again...I just refuse to call that work, because I guess my perspective of work is simply not standing behind the counter serving fussy hungry customers, cooking yucky inedible food, cleaning, scrubbing, smiling, chopping, frying, cutting bla bla bla...I'm sure most of you have heard enough of my whining on my job, so I will spare you!! I really want to and need to get a full-time job asap before I turn into one of those at the food court working fulltime and having...ish, cut things short, my past time place, which is the food court is really not very conducive for any sort of productivity at all. So that explains why I really need something more than a job at the foodcourt!!

Why stressed?? Because it's 2nd of October and it's my Daddy's birthday!! Being Daddy's girl, this is my 3rd year away from home and not able to celebrate any sort of family birthdays / functions / etc with my family!! I really do miss home!! =( Think about all the comfort I get back home?? Living under Daddy's roof?? Well, to begin with, the thought of not needing to think about where to dig out money to pay for the next rent (which is tomorrow btw!!)!! Sometimes being a grown up is not that fun afterall...*sigh*

Things happen from time to time...But well, being human it's part of the deal that comes with it I guess...always be prepared to expect the unexpected?? The reality of being human is that people do and will let us is annoying, but as I've said, it's part of the deal of being human...we live through hurts and disappointments and hopefully out of it we'll grow to be stronger and be more appreciative of things around us. I don't blame anyone when things happen, it's just part it the's just that because we're humans, we do have feelings?? And the feelings part, is really quite hard to comes stays for a makes your mind go knocks you picks you up, and the hopefully after that you'll be able to move on...Oh well, it's just feelings afterall!! Everyone has it, everyone goes through big deal...!!

It is at times like that when you feel so vulnerable and so distracted you wish you could just fly away somewhere...Somewhere where the skies are always clear, the sun is always bright and the rainbow is out everyday!! *Sigh* Don't get me wrong, I'm not like in some kinda major depression or something...I'm just having lots of mixed feelings from a lot of things that is happening simultaneously in my life. Despite all these...little mercies still do happen...John bought me the Emily cardigan *wink*...Thanks dear!! (With the current state of my bank account, it's really quite daring of me to even think about shopping!!) ;) and just 20 minutes ago, he popped into my room and gave me a CD he's composed specially for me...that's very sweet of him, thanks so much!! I really do apprecite it!! Just when I think everything around me seems so strange, so messy, so gloomy and so tough, little mercies still happen...and people still do care (thanks Eileen, for the email and your support!! To Alvin, I appreciate you always bringing us out to dinner at my favourite place and I just simply enjoy your company!! Lung, you've got me excited and encouraged about the job you say you'd help me get, thanks!! To Nelson, thanks for the words of wisdom!!)...the sun will still shine tomorrow...and I will continue to run this race!!

p/s: Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to DADDY MY HERO
Happy Birthday to you!!
I love you and I will always do!! =)

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