Monday, October 10, 2005

MY FIRST EVER...Yes, I've finally submitted my first ever job application for a full time / permanent job today with the help of John my angel of the day!! *Clap, clap* He delivered the application to the department on my behalf...I really wanted to do it myself considering it's my first ever but...I had to work and I couldn't get time off coz 1) my boss doesn't like us taking off as and when we like and, 2) my hours have been cut this week coz some person is in desperate need of money to pay for an air ticket to visit his gf who is right in the other part of the world, which resulted in less hours for me and more hours for him!! Jerry, you owe me BIG time!! Yups, so John had to help me make copies and deliver them to the Human Resourse Branch of the department which was located on George Street in the city.

Okay just in case you think I'm such a relaxed and calm person...think again!! Coz I spent the whole of last night till this morning, around 3:30am tidying up and doing research on questions in the selection criteria. It's not that I'm anal...well, I can be quite anal at times, but it's just that this whole thing seems to be such an interesting and exciting highlight of my life at the current moment (well, think about it, these days my life revolves around the stinking smacking foodcourt and foodcourt alone!!) This seeking employment thingy is like organizing one of those huge concerts for one of those huge stars where nothing can possibly go wrong, coz I want and need everything to be 10 out of 10!! =) And because my whole episode of nothing-can-go-wrong-in-my-selection-criteria which kept me up till wee hours in the morning, guess who woke up to greet me this morning?? Ahahhahaha...yes...Miss Cranky Pants!! I wore a pair of Panda eyes to work, my brain felt like it was somehow detached from my mind and my body left to float on its own without having nerves and muscles to control it!! How exaggerated is that?!?!? But I really did feel that way!! Like I wasn't thinking straight, wasn't acting right, wasn't talking sense!! And to add to that I had around 20 over orders of NASI GORENG!! Which btw, in case you didn't know, NASI GORENG is one of the most troublesome food to cook in the menu and we always secretly pray that no one would order that or we'd kill that person!! So, yes, today Michelle wore her cranky pants to work, her brain was detached from her mind and her body floating it makes complete sense that she probably forgot to pray for no orders on NASI GORENG!!

Anyhow...I do pray that I would at least be shortlisted for an interview?? Well, He knows the plans He has for me which are plans for good and not disaster, to give me a hope and a future. When I pray, He will listen...If I look for Him in earnest, I will find Him when I seek Him!! =) So God, do Your thing!! The red carpet is all ready for You!! =)

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