Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MONOTONOUS LIFE...I guess my life has been so monotonous lately that every little thing excites me!! So is that good or bad?? A little bit of both I guess...I was ecstatic when Tamelyn (my migration agent) told me that I've been granted a Temporary Graduate Visa which allows me permission leave and enter Australia as and when I like till the 6th January 2006...First thing that came to mind was, "I'm going homeeeeeeeeeee!!" followed by a great rapture of excitement from the inside, spilling all the joy and bliss of the thought of home...being with my family on my birthday this year, going on a family trip to a nearby getaway for the Raya holidays, savouring every mouth of grandpopo's homecooked food, driving around KL in my off white old moving car, waking up on the most comfortable bed ever, having my hair done at Guys and Chics everyday, opening the fridge to bottles of purple vitagen!! Woo-hooo...so much fun at home!! =) Then hours later after I left Tamelyn's office, sitting on one of those benches in the city reading one of my favourite books, I received a call from a cheerful voice saying, "Hi, I'm calling from the Department of Child Safety, may I speak with Michelle, please??" Another episode of excitement burst in me but this time a little different as it came along with a slight fear gripping my heart as I stilled my eyes into space...I was anticipating that the department had called for an interview appointment or to simply reject this unsuitable applicant!! To my surpise they called to inform me that I should not expect to hear from them anytime soon because this is a huge process and it takes a while for them to clear and shortlist the applicants!! Well...fair enough...let's wait and see!! Just that one phone call and the good news from Tamelyn, my day in the city came to an end as I strolled to the bus stop, ride on a bus and headed home... =)

p/s: I guess when you've been knocked down so many times in a row, once it stops, you just can't help but feel way too good!! Muahahhahahahhah!!

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